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There are also some activity blocks that display the basic alphabet letters with their corresponding objects. This simple shape sorting cube is a must-have for when you are traveling due to the small and portable design. It has a bunch of shapes that your child will have to fit into do diapers expire the holes that correspond to the shape. This will help your child to learn the different shapes easier. This cube is made with many toys and sliders on the top and some activities on the sides, such as flip cubes and sliders. The cube measures 18 x 14 x 14 inches so it’s easy to play with and take with your kid wherever they go.

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  • Every child is different in terms of weight, height, and size.
  • The comfortable seat can rotate 360°, to provide the baby access to the six activity toys on the frame.
  • This award-winning design is packed with sensory-rich toys that help with development of sensory awareness and hand-eye coordination.

Your baby can play classic melodies or they can hear fun ocean sounds. This is a model with all the bells, whistles and flashing lights. The main selling point is that baby can bounce from a solid, stationary base and strengthen their legs. Not only are they are trusted name in the baby product space, but they also have products for with different budgets and at different price points. When I first heard the term “Exersaucer”, I thought of NASA and spaceships ???? Seriously though, an exersaucer doesn’t fly, but is a baby activity station that has a stable, circular base. Typically, play mats are square bits of cloth on which your baby sleeps.

This cube has some colorful beads that they can slide onto the wires on top and they can also play with the smaller flip cubes on the sides. They find their toes quicker, they discover how their hands play together, and they learn how to use their body to explore the environment. Falling is a very important skill to learn in order to keep your baby safe. When a baby is always contained, he or she then doesn’t learn the appropriate protective reactions and skills needed to safely fall. What makes this activity center unique is the big, wooden removable pieces, the puzzle area that catches cute chunky animal blocks in handy organizational bins, and it’s larger size.

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For more details, a list of all the features is given below for a complete understanding. The toy tray has another featured bird toy that creates a sense of happiness due to its cute character. The musical panel is attached to the center of the toy tray along with different joyful melodies. The material of this walker meets all ASTM standards so there is no harm in using this walker in the long run. Although this walker needs two AA batteries that may sound an extra expense in your budget.

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You can’t get any simpler than this Pillow Climbing activity from School Time Snippets. All you need are some pillows from your bed or couch for your baby to climb over! Babies are so fascinated with pulling wipes out of the baby wipes packages, but when they put everything in their mouths, you may be concerned about letting them play with the wipes container. This Playsilk Baby Activity from The Art Kit takes care of that with reusable silk or cotton wipes. This DIY Baby Activity Box from Danya Banya goes along perfectly with our tug box above.

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Lastly, whatever play saucer you are getting for your baby, it needs to have adjustable height positions. So, get any of the below-recommended activity saucers and share your feedback with us. The Bright Starts Activity center can also be converted into a walker or an activity table.

The best free standing baby bouncer is specially designed for babies from approximately three months of age to just before walking stage. Its scientifically designed saddled seats firmly support the baby’s spine, ensuring correct and upright posture during exercise. For example, check out an activity table with detachable legs, so when your baby isn’t quite walking yet, you can put the main piece on the floor for them to enjoy. Then, when they need to start learning how to pull themselves up, you can attach the legs again. Tables with music, lights and other languages are sure to keep their attention.

You can gently encourage the rolling by holding the toy above their chest. When they start reaching for it, slowly move the toy to the side opposite to their reaching hand. If your baby is unable to roll over completely, gently hold their hip on their reaching hand side and gently roll them over the rest of the way. You can get a whole percussion set going with the combination of purchased or home made rattles. You can use standard rattles, bell rattles or grab an empty plastic bottle and make your own. Ensure you use age appropriate and safe toys and objects as most of them will end up in your baby’s mouth.

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The oversized sturdy wheels allow you to take it to the road, park, or anywhere your loved one wants to go. If you want something for your child’s fun that does not cost you much and provides all the basic features an activity center must have then Bright Starts has made this one for you. The best thing about this activity center is that The best activity center for toddlers can be used up to age 5. This type is a multifunctional toy which can be used as an educational table.

Some of the models offer 3 height adjustments, but they’re often too low to begin with for a tall baby. The challenge with these big hunks of baby gear, is that they are generally designed for a baby old enough to sustain head and neck control — generally 4 months. A really tall four month old can be nearly 20 pounds already. While your baby will probably have some window of time in which any of them can be used, you want that window to be longer than three weeks. Otherwise, you’re looking for the next thing to put the baby in and the next $100.